International Health Insurance

Circle Care Assurance helps people who live in Latin America obtain the Best International Health Insurance for their specific needs. Our health insurance clients also have access to our unique Health Care Advisory Service, designed to help them have access to Top Hospitals & Doctors in USA to treat their medical condition. By doing so they can reduce de risk of a misdiagnosis & mistreatment.


International Life Insurance

An international life insurance policy from Circle Care Assurance can be an excellent way to protect your family’s financial future. With comprehensive coverage, affordable pricing, and personalized customer support, Circle Care Assurance is a top choice for individuals and families living in Latin America. So if you want to ensure that your loved ones are financially protected, consider Us for your life insurance needs.


Who We Are

Founded in Miami Florida in 2012, Circle Care Assurance offers Private International Health & Life Insurance to Individuals living in Latin America. Our Health Care Advisory service helps our clients have access to the Top Hospitals & Doctors in the US. Our Health Care Management division focuses on providing services for Insurance companies by helping reduce healthcare costs.


Looking for the Best International Health/Life Insurance? Ask our Health Advisory Experts.

Ask An Expert
“I am a 52 yr old International patient that was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. When confronted with this overwhelming diagnosis I immediately wanted to seek medical care in the USA but did not know where. My own Doctor told me about Circle Care Assurance & their Health Advisory services. I know now that by contacting Circle Care Assurance saved my life, they provided me with several options of Top Doctors & Top Hospitals to treat my condition, they even secured my appointments.”